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In order to be successful and relevant to communities affected by the transition to a renewable energy economy, we need people from around the world. We don’t want to repeat an outdated paternalistic model of how white people in Western Europe and English-speaking North America think ‘development’ happens. We want to make a participatory, emancipatory and equitable renewable energy economy: from cradle to cradle. Everything makes the renewable energy economy. We don’t have all the answers.

What does this mean for ojuso?
Who ‘we’ are matters. We particularly want to recruit other women/non-binary people, people of colour, people from the Global South, people from areas acutely affected by the transition, working class people, non-cis-het people, people with mental and physical disabilities, people who speak lots of languages, people with coding and mapping skills, people with links in the financial and renewable energy industries, people who know about co-operatives and commons and future energy systems. People like, and unlike, the people we work with. People who think they’ve got something to bring to the project.

Ahora, el equipo actual está compuesto principalmente por mujeres latinoamericanas que hablan español. Nuestras reuniones son en una mezcla de inglés y español.